Our Baffinland exhibit launches at ROM

Our Baffinland, cialis an IK-ADAPT-affiliated project examining climate change and mining in Nunavut, launched at the Royal Ontario Museum this week as part of the ROM’s inaugural “Climate is Culture” exhibit. Team members Ian Mauro and Zacharias Kunuk have used a new form of “Video Cartography” to explore place-based and oral Inuit knowledge about climate change and mining in Nunavut, where reduced sea ice is making mineral resources more accessible to exploit.

With Our Baffinland, Mauro and Kunuk have been exploring how multimedia tools can themselves facilitate adaptation to the impacts of climate change, including increasing industrial activity in the Arctic, by networking communities, increasing dialogue and awareness, and facilitating community-based consultation. Through the “Climate is Culture” exhibit, Our Baffinland will provide southern visitors with opportunities to engage hands-on with place-based knowledge by exploring multimedia video content and interviews with Inuit Elders and hunters on interactive iPads, and by visualizing the scope of environmental changes through wall installations and photo exhibits:

Image of "Our Baffinland" wall text        Image of "Our Baffinland" iPad media

Mauro and Kunuk also have their film “Qapirangajuq: Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change” playing in the exhibit. One of Mauro’s other multi-media projects, “Climate Change in Atlantic Canada,” is also in the exhibit and he will be touring it across Atlantic Canada with David Suzuki in late November.

“Climate is Culture” runs from October 19th 2013 to February 2nd 2014 at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.