IK-ADAPT at the International Congress for Arctic Social Sciences VIII

Many IK-ADAPT members and community partners have just returned home from the International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS) VIII Conference in Prince George, tadalafil B.C. at the University of Northern British Columbia from May 22 – 26, 2014.  It was a busy week for the IK-ADAPT team, including presentations, a film screening, and visits to elementary and secondary schools in Prince George.

School outreach

Led by Dr. Tristan Pearce and student Genevieve Lalonde, a number of IK-ADAPT students and researchers were engaged in school visits throughout the week to share stories and photographs about living and working in the Arctic and to answer questions. Tristan Pearce, who is originally from Prince George, was interviewed with Emily Kudlak on local CKPG TV about these outreach visits (as well as how the weather in Prince George compares to Ulukhaktok!). Dr. Pearce and student Colleeen Parker were also interviewed in the Prince George Free Press.

Premiere of Attutauniujuk Nunami/Lament for the Land

The first public premiere for the documentary Attutauniujuk Nunami/Lament for the Land was held on May 22 at the ICASS conference, combined with a presentation by the film’s director Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo Willox and Inez Shiwak, local adaptation leader for Rigolet. From ashleecunsolowillox.ca: “This film weaves together the voices and wisdom of Labrador Inuit with stunning visual scenery to tell a powerful story of change, loss, and hope in the context of rapid climate change in the North.” Click here to view the premiere poster. We look forward to sharing more details about this film when it becomes publicly available.

Presentations by IK-ADAPT team members and affiliates

  • Knut Kitching presented Tuktu and Climate Change: Inuit Hunting on Southern Baffin Island on behalf of co-author James Ford.
  • Tristan Pearce, Grete Kaare Hovelsrud and Halvor Dannevig chaired the session titled “Are we adapting: Arctic communities under stress or on the path to sustainability?” Dr. Pearce will also be giving the presentation Adaptation to Climate Change Across the Circumpolar North at this session.
  • Kaitlyn Finner and Inez Shiwak presented at the “Alternative food security strategies in the circumpolar North” session on behalf of co-author, Charlie Flowers, James Ford and Chris Furgal. Their talk is titled Including the Intangible: Photo-Cards as a Method for Analyzing the Social and Cultural Importance of Food in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut.
  • Ellie Stephenson, Emily Kudlak, Ashlee Cunsolo Willox, Inez Shiwak and Tristan Pearce (on behalf of co-authors: Susan Kaodloak, Laverna Klengenberg, James and The Rigolet Inuit Community Government) presented Local Perspectives on the Formalization of Knowledge Transmission in the session “Teacher education, teaching and sustainable schools in the circumpolar North”
  • Joanna Petrasek MacDonald presented From the Minds of Youth: Using Participatory Video to Explore Youth Resilience to Mental Health and Well-being Challenges in a Changing Climate at the “Participatory Methods for Health” session on behalf of co-authors: Jordan and Curtis Konek, James Ford, Ashlee Cunsolo Willox, Marilyn Baikie and Inez Shiwak, Claudia Mitchell, and The Rigolet Inuit Community  Government.

IK-ADAPT posters

  • #18 Parker, Colleen (University of Guelph); Pearce, Tristan (University of the Sunshine Coast; University of Guelph). Vulnerability of an Inuit Food System to Climate and Socio-Economic Changes
  • #175 Lalonde, Geneviève (University of Guelph); Pearce, Tristan (University of Sunshine Coast; University of Guelph). Perceptions of Learning Success Among Younger Generation Inuit in Ulukhaktok, NWT, Canada
  • #308 Jasiuk, Linnaea (University of Guelph); Pearce, Tristan (University of Guelph / University of the Sunshine Coast). Inuit Traditional Knowledge and Adaptation to the Health Effects of Climate Change
  • #484 Pearce, Tristan (University of the Sunshine Coast; University of Guelph); Stephenson, Ellie (McGill University); Kaodlak, Susan (Ulukhaktok Community Corporation). Nunamin Illihakvia: Learning from the Land